Checklist to help work out if the McKenzie method MDT will help you with low back pain.

I have low back pain – will The McKenzie Method help me?

We think the McKenzie Method is pretty damn good.  It is effective, it is cheap and it is backed up by many years of research.

If you have low back pain, the important question that you need to ask is this: will The McKenzie Method help me?


To make it easy to work out the answer to that question, here is a checklist:


• Are there periods in the day when you have no pain? Even 10 minutes?

• Is the pain confined to areas above the knee?

• Have you had more than one episode of low back pain over the past few months or years?

• Do you feel worse during or immediately after prolonged bending or stooping; as in making beds, vacuuming, gardening, concreting, etc?

• Do you feel worse when sitting for prolonged periods or on rising from the sitting position, ie after watching TV or working on the computer?

• Do you associate your pain with any one particular activity but are generally pain free when not engaged in this activity?

• Do you feel worse when inactive and better when on the move?

Does your low back feel better when lying face down? (You may feel worse for a minute before the pain subsides, in that case the answer to this question is yes).

• Does your low back pain feel better when you are walking?


If you have answered ‘YES’ to more than 4 questions, your chances of getting help from The McKenzie Method is very good!



The McKenzie Method is the most researched and validated method of assessment and treatment in the world.  It is widely used across the globe, in particular in USA and Europe.  For even more information, check out the McKenzie Institute of Australia website at


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