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What Is Physio?

Physios tend to assume that everyone knows what a physio does, but we often get reminded that a lot of people don’t know!

The essence of physiotherapy is finding solutions to help people live a better life.

Physiotherapy is actually a very broad occupation, and includes quite a few sub-specialties.

It’s not just about musculoskeletal work, or working with sporting teams, though that is the kind of work that most people associate with physiotherapy.

There are physios that work in neurology, paediatrics, ICU units, burns, occupational health, mental health, animal physiotherapy and much more!

You can read more about the breadth of physiotherapy at this Australian Physiotherapy Association website.

Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic is mostly about musculoskeletal physiotherapy, but what does that mean?

it's more than just about muscles!

It is still common for people to assume that physios ‘just look after muscles’, and you need to go elsewhere for a ‘joint’ problem. 

If that sounds like you, you are not on your own.

However, a physio’s scope is much broader than just muscles!

Physios have expertise with all elements of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. That includes muscles, joints, nerves, and the way they work together to allow us to move with freedom.

The modern physio is also skilled at exercise prescription and conditioning.

These skills are essential if you need to help someone rehabilitate following a tendon problem, a muscle problem, an operation … actually almost any problem that you need full recovery!

Our main focus at Adelaide West Physio + Pilates is helping people with painful musculoskeletal problems.

This includes problems of the spine or limbs, acute or longstanding problems, complex pain problems, and sporting injuries.

We also have an interest in balance and falls prevention, and helping people to begin or maintain exercise for their health.


Physios and Persistent Pain

Our physios at Adelaide West are also interested with the ins and outs of pain – how it works in the human body, how it can go seem to go wrong.

We can help you if you have a persistent pain problem that hasn’t responded to ‘normal’ treatments.

Sometimes the ‘regular’ treatments that are aimed at muscles or joints like mobilisation or manipulation / adjustment just don’t work with persistent pain.

Physiotherapy has moved beyond purely physical methods to help. There is a better understanding of the importance of helping people to understand their problem better, and giving people the correct information to allow them to improve better and more completely and ultimately become independent of treatment where possible.

Evidence-based physio

Physiotherapy is a profession where, like medicine, there is an emphasis on evidence-based assessment and treatment.

What that means is the treatments that you receive are not based on shaky pseudoscience and ‘sciencey’ jargon or explanations.

In our clinic, you won’t find us using the terms ‘holistic’ or ‘wellness’ – these are marketing jargon.

Using the word holistic doesn’t mean that the treatment actually is taking into account the whole person’s situation. 

Wellness doesn’t automatically mean that the treatment is good or wholesome. What’s wrong with the term ‘health’?

Instead, we think in terms of a biopsychosocial approach or ‘whole person approach’

How is that different? It is the ultimate in ‘holistic’, because it recognises that any problem is not just made up of a ’tissue’ problem. 

There are impacts on the biology of pain, the immune system, healing, inflammation and everything in between. But there are effects on psychology and the social interactions of the person. And it isn’t just one way traffic. A person’s psychology affects their biology, their place in the world and relationships. Social factors affect their psychology and psychological health and also their tissue healing.

It doesn’t mean that we profess to be psychologists or sociologists, but it is important to recognise the inter-related nature of these three areas. 

A biopsychosocial approach is current best practice in health care, and especially required in helping deal with persistent pain problems.

What To Do Next

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