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From our beginnings with Pilates equipment groups, we have expanded our exercise offerings significantly over our first 10 years to include the following:

Physio Group Treatment

Small groups with an individualised programme that has been constructed with a physiotherapist and full supervision of a physio in the groups.


Our small group training option, ideal for rehabilitation from injury or prevention of recurrence, individualised programmes done in a group environment with physio supervision and coaching.

Pilates Mat Classes*

A small traditional Pilates mat class lead by a physiotherapist and able to be adapted for the individual


Small groups with the focus on balance and falls prevention lead by a physiotherapist

GLA:D Programme for Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis

A comprehensive 6 week programme to help knee and hip osteoarthritis. It is backed by research evidence and good orthopaedic surgeons and GPs. It follows the best available evidence for the first line treatment of hip and knee OA.

*NB: Pilates mat classes do not attract health insurance rebates from April 1 2019 in accordance with the Private Health Insurance reforms.

For more information on these reforms and why the Pilates mat class is no longer eligible, please refer to this page with FAQs about the Private Health Insurance reforms. It is worth looking at this page as well, that has an explainer video on it.

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