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Employment In A Different Kind Of Workplace

We are always looking to connect with great humans who are looking for future employment opportunites. 

After reading this page, if you think it might be a good fit for you now or in the future, please register your interest.

Register your interest by email at

Even if you aren’t looking right now, we can keep you in the loop!

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

  • You might be thinking it might be time for a change in employment – maybe try out another work environment to get a different experience in physiotherapy.
  • You are looking to see what else physiotherapy has to offer both you and your clients.
  • You would prefer to work in an established practice with really friendly and appreciative clientèle.
  • Working in a workplace that is fun and enjoyable is a must, but at the same time is geared towards reaching the highest standards of care.

  • You are looking for a regular professional development programme that is influenced by what you want to know.
  • You might be interested to learn more about the business of physiotherapy as well as the technical aspect of physiotherapy. Find out how to attract the patients the you want to see!
  • You would like to work in a practice that puts professional development and quality of service at the top of the list of priorities.
  • You would like to learn more about Pilates, McKenzie method or Watson Headache approach, managing patients with persistent pain, knee and hip osteoarthritis.
Physio Henley - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates Headache Clinic

Would you like to work in this kind of clinic?

At Adelaide West, working with us offers:

  • great staff, fabulous clients, exceptional coffee
  • mostly private clients
  • experienced physiotherapists including a Credentialled McKenzie Therapist / Watson Headache Certified Practitioner
  • the GLA:D programme
  • other programmes such as PhysioStrong and BestBalance to address the needs of different clients
  • plenty of professional support including two scheduled professional development sessions each week
  • a generous professional development allowance each year

Register your interest by email at

Even if you aren’t looking right now, we can keep you in the loop!

What we stand for

Our mantra is about doing right by every patient, that it is a privilege that they have chosen our clinic.

It means providing excellent customer service and evidence-based medicine.

My personal mantra is supporting therapists both professionally and in any other way.

I really value the thought that people enjoy coming to work and feel fulfilled with what they are doing in their employment.

After all, if people enjoy their work, they are going to be able to help their patients the best too.

Choosing the right physio GLAD program - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic

More about the clinic

I am a Credentialed McKenzie Therapist and I have done Dean Watson’s certification programme making me a Watson Headache Certified Practitioner.

Kimberley and I are currently involved in a NHMRC-funded study through NOI and UniSA on knee OA.

We have also been quite involved with NOI Group, David and Lorimer, and we use the Explain Pain principles day in and day out.

Everyone is GLA:D-trained, and we are really invested in the programme and the principles behind it.

As far as professional development goes, we provide 2 x 1 hour continuing education every week.

For people that start here, especially if new to private practice employment, there is extra time spent with professional development and mentoring. 

This isn’t just an idle promise!

Register your interest by email at

Even if you aren’t looking right now, we can keep you in the loop!

If any of this sounds appealing, I would be love to chat more to find out what you are looking for in your career and possible employment opportunities.

Just email me if you would like to know more!

Alternatively, if you aren’t interested, please pass it on to someone you know (but only if they are the kind of therapist that you would recommend!).



PS – Sometimes the employment stars aren’t aligned perfectly at that precise moment, but things work out down the road a little!

It pays to stay in touch, you just never know when a position is going to come up!