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Are you tired of shoulder pain interfering with your life?

Shoulder pain can be so much more than just ‘annoying’. 

It can be truly debilitating when shoulder pain affects your sport, work, sleep and the things you enjoy doing.

We see patients with all kinds of shoulder problems, so we understand how frustrating it can be!

Adelaide West Physio has experienced physios who provide evidence-based, modern solutions to all variety of shoulder problems.

We help prevent surgery when it isn’t required.

And if it is required, we make sure our patients get the best result from their shoulder surgery.

If you have shoulder pain, we would love to help you!

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shoulder conditions we help

Our team of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists treat a range of shoulder conditions, including:

  • rotator cuff injuries and tears
  • frozen shoulder
  • shoulder osteoarthritis
  • subacromial pain and bursits
  • impingement syndrome
  • strains and sprains
  • shoulder instabiility

We also provide rehabilitation following trauma and surgery affecting the shoulder like:

  • fractures
  • shoulder surgery
  • dislocation or subluxation
  • trauma
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Is your shoulder PAIN:

… then you are absolutely in the right place!

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Shoulder physio treatment for shoulder pain at Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic

10 Frequently-asked questions about the shoulder

What are the most common shoulder pain problems? 

The top 5 are rotator cuff injuries or pain, shoulder osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocations


What is the best way to get rid of shoulder pain?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing which kind of problem it is. It could be neck-related shoulder pain, or related to shoulder stiffness, weakness of muscles, a ‘loose’ shoulder, or a serious medical problem. The only way to answer this is to have a professional assess your shoulder pain.


What are 2 warning signs of a rotator cuff tear?

The two most obvious signs are pain and loss of function, like an inability to lift the shoulder.

Pain can be felt at the shoulder joint itself, it is commonly felt at the bottom end of the deltoid muscle or even radiate down the arm.

The pain can vary from being felt only when doing specific movements to being quite constant depending on the size of the tear. Pain at night can be a feature of a large cuff tear. 

The features of pain and loss of function are common problems with a variety of shoulder problems, so a physio assessment is the way to work it out.


Should I stretch my shoulder if it hurts?

Generally speaking, no. To be confident that it is the right thing to do and you aren’t slowing down improvement, it is worth getting a physio to look at your shoulder and give you guidance on the right stretches, if you need them at all.


What should you not do with shoulder pain?

Without being assessed, I would avoid movements or activities that provoke your pain. You should always be respectful of any pain until you know that it is safe to work into pain and not going to impair healing or recovery.


What causes shoulder pain radiating down the arm to fingers?

The most common reason is that the neck (cervical spine) is the cause for the pain. The cervical spine should always be considered when there is shoulder pain, and radiation into the fingers, especially if there is altered sensation, points towards a cervical spine problem until proven otherwise.


What are red flags for shoulder pain?

There are many conditions that present as shoulder pain that are serious in nature, including tumours, infections and conditions of the abdomen. This underlines why it is always best to consult a professional rather than self-diagnose.


Is heat or ice better for shoulder pain?

Despite common thinking, it probably doesn’t matter one way or the other. If it is an acute injury and cold feels good because it is warm from inflammation, use ice. If you prefer to use heat in the form of a wheat bag or hot shower, use that.


Will shoulder bursitis go away?

It may go away on its own. However, the lack of use from having had the painful bursa and avoiding movement for fear of creating pain is definitely a problem and can easily end up in a loss of movement and weakness around the shoulder. Get some professional guidance to avoid these problems! 


Will shoulder pain heal on its own? Your body will attempt to heal despite what you or anyone else does!

The pain is another story. Pain may diminish on its own too, but you want to be certain of the following points:

  • that it is a problem that is not in need of further investigation or medical management 
  • that it isn’t a problem that is going to continue to worsen if left unmanaged
  • that you aren’t going to be left with a stiff or weak shoulder from avoiding pain