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Physiotherapists in Adelaide - treating patients with acute pain, headaches and migraines, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, low back pain and injury rehabilitation
Physiotherapists in Adelaide - treating patients with acute pain, headaches and migraines, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, low back pain and injury rehabilitation

Your Local Adelaide Physio

Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic is a leading group of physios in Adelaide who help people get back control of their pain.

We use physio treatments based on the latest scientific evidence.

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WHO we HELP At Adelaide West Physio

If you have any of the following problems, you have found the best physios in Adelaide!

Adelaide physiotherapists specialising in acute pain and new injuries


Find out what is wrong with our highly skilled Adelaide physios so you can get better fast.

Apart from physio treatment, you’ll need to know how to avoid slowing down your tissue healing.

You'll also need to find out how to reduce the chance of re-injury, particularly with sports injuries.

Physiotherapist in Adelaide specialising in headache and migraine relief and treatment


The role of the neck is under-recognised in headache and migraine. And you don't necessarily need to have neck pain!

Find out quickly if your neck is involved in your migraines or headaches with one of three Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner physios in Adelaide.

Physiotherapists treating patients with osteoarthritis


The GLA:D program shows that there is a lot you can do to improve osteoarthritis.

Reduce your pain, increase your strength and function – all without relying on medication and surgery!

Physio has a huge role to play in improving joint health, helping reduce pain and improve mobility.


People with persistent pain problems need physios with a special understanding and experience in helping ongoing, chronic pain.

They need the right information, the right plan and the right tactics to keep them moving towards their goals.

Persistent pain management is a primary focus of our physios at Adelaide West Physio + Pilates.

Lower back pain specialists at our physiotherapy clinic in Adelaide


Whether acute or long-standing, you need answers and treatment with a real plan that meets your individual situation.

At Adelaide West Physio, our physios' approach to helping low back pain is using cutting edge research from the best low back pain researchers in South Australia and the world.

Be confident that our approach is based on science and not guesswork.

Injury rehabilitation experts in Adelaide


Both in sports physiotherapy and in life, full recovery isn’t just when the pain stops.
For a successful return to sport or the activities you love, the final steps are critical to allow you to reach your best!

You can make sure with us that you complete the job so you feel fully fit and confident in your body!


At Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic, our treatment options range from high quality 
individual treatment to classes and individualised group exercise.

Modern, evidence-based Adelaide physiotherapy services to help you achieve less pain, use less medication and enjoy more of life and get you back to what you love. 

Our methods include:

  • hands-on physio – joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, dry needling, Watson Headache Approach, McKenzie Method
  • active exercise therapies – Pilates, strengthening, mobility and flexibility, McKenzie Method 
  • education – our physios help with understanding the nature of the injury and best self-management, including persistent pain problems

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More than a luxury, remedial massage is an investment in your physical and mental health. 

It can be used to help manage back pain and neck pain, muscle tightness, headaches and sports injuries and recovery.

Our Adelaide remedial massage therapist, Matt Robinson, has an impressive resumé of experience.

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Our Fulham clinic has always used the principles of Pilates to help our clients move better.

The Pilates method works well with rehabilitation for many injuries, and commonly is used for sports physiotherapy.

We have a Pilates studio area with Pilates equipment and other exercise equipment that is used to meet the individual needs of each client.

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A programme offering real hope for knee and hip osteoarthritis without medication or surgery. 

Providing help for people with osteoarthritis has become a primary focus of our clinic, with our physios being involved in research on knee osteoarthritis being conducted through UniSA.

We humbly suggest that our physios provide the best GLA:D program in Adelaide

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Our physio-led small group training for injury rehabilitation, strengthening and fitness.

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Small and fun classes with the aim of improving balance and preventing falls, avoiding injury and immobility.

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But how do you know what is going to help you?

Get in touch TODAY on (08) 7110 0804 and let’s talk about how our Adelaide physiotherapy and remedial massage services can help you GET OUT OF PAIN and MOVING BETTER!

HOW our physios WORK

This is our 3 step physiotherapy process to help you get back to what you love in life.

Organise an initial consultation

Speak with the friendliest front desk crew on the planet, or book online 24/7 to find a time that suits your schedule.

In your first session, we actually listen to you and perform a thorough examination to zero in on your problem.

Formulate a plan

We make sure you know the answer to the 4 key questions when we formulate your treatment plan.

This is the information that you need from your consultation.

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Celebrate your improvements!

Enjoy less pain, more control, more freedom … MORE LIFE!!

Understand your condition and learn how to prevent recurrences.

Take an active role in the process – we know the results will be better for you!

Get in touch on 8356 1000, book online or message us to find out how we can help.

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Why our Adelaide physios are different

We are Adelaide physiotherapists who are on a mission to help our patients benefit from the wealth of new information to get faster results and better outcomes.

It would be hard to find a group of physios in Adelaide who are more dedicated to their patients’ results.



You deserve the best care, not outdated care

Call us on (08) 7110 0848 to find out more about how our physios can help you get painfree.

We accept all private health insurance funds

At Adelaide West Physio + Pilates, get your rebate from your private health insurance at the time of your appointment.

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Providing physio In adelaide's western suburbs since 2009

Russell and Tobey Mackenzie opened Adelaide West Physio + Pilates because they had a mission to do health care THEIR way. 

Personal. Friendly. Professional. Up-to-date. And where the main motivation is ALWAYS helping the patient get the results they need.

Since 2009, we have attracted like-minded physios, massage therapists and staff who share these qualities and values. 

It shows  from the first interaction with our front desk staff, our professional care with our therapists and our standards of following up with patients to make sure they are fully better.

Our clinic is located at Fulham, which is central to the surrounding Adelaide suburbs of Fulham Gardens, Kidman Park, Henley Beach and Henley Beach South, Grange, Findon, Seaton, West Beach, Lockleys, Flinders Park, Brooklyn Park, Cowandilla, Torrensville, Mile End, Glenelg and Glenelg North.

We also have clientele from all across Adelaide and regional areas of South Australia who visit us for our specific physiotherapy services including the McKenzie Method and Watson Headache Approach.

Physio Fulham street sign - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic
Physio near me - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic

Easy on-site parking

Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic is located on Henley Beach Road near the corner of Tapleys Hill Road at Fulham.

There are details and a map on our Contact Us page.

We are the first driveway after the On The Run service station on the corner of Tapleys Hill Road and Henley Beach Road. 

Our premises face the Lockleys Hotel and Hungry Jacks.

We have ample on-site parking.