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The problem with current arthritis treatment

It may surprise you to know that the recommended first treatment option for osteoarthritis ISN’T medication. 

And it certainly isn’t joint replacement surgery!

The recommended first line treatment for osteoarthritis is DRUG-FREE and SURGERY-FREE!

The problem is that these treatment guidelines often aren’t followed.

We know that it is much easier to use medication to reduce pain temporarily than to find truly effective and research-backed treatment options.

If you are looking for more than a temporary pain-relieving measure, this is where the GLA:D program comes in.

There are more than 50 randomised controlled trials that show exercise is effective for osteoarthritis!

What is the GLA:D program?

GLA:D is a structured program of exercise and education provided by physios specially trained in delivering the program.

The GLA:D program follows the best available evidence for first line treatment of knee and hip osteoarthritis.

It was created in Denmark in 2014 by physios who were responding to these medical guidelines being skipped.

Medication and joint replacement surgery were being used without a sufficient trial of the well-researched non-surgical treatment options of exercise, weight loss, and education about managing their joint. 

You can see a video about how GLA:D began on one of our previous blogs here.

GLA:D is an acronym for ‘Good Life With (Osteo)Arthrits in Denmark’ its country of origin.

Does the GLA:D Program work?

Results from the GLA:D program so far shows an average symptom reduction of 32%!

This is a really impressive figure, and it’s even better when you combine it with the other outcomes including:

  • Reduced use of joint related pain killers
  • Less people on sick leave
  • Increased levels of physical activity 12 months after starting the program

In addition, it doesn’t include any of the risks associated with medication or surgery.

The results of a well constructed program of exercise, advice and weight loss are simply too good to ignore.

Wondering if you are ‘too far gone’?

Ring us on 8356 1000 or message us to organise to speak with one of our GLA:D-trained physios.

Why do GLA:D at Adelaide West Physio?

There are a number of really good reasons:

It's not just about the 6 weeks. It's about the rest of your life.
We want to make sure that you are set up well for continued success!

Are you thinking ‘it’s not for me’?

That may well be true, you can exercise on your own. 

Bear in mind, in order for the exercise to be effective, you must know:

  • The best types of exercise for you
  • Which exercises you need to avoid
  • The correct dosage for you

Each of these is going to vary depending on your situation, your abilities and your pain.

By the end of the GLA:D program, you will have a refined programme that works so that you can continue exercising effectively on your own.

These are the common exercise problems that we see:

… then concluding that exercise doesn’t work for them

The GLA:D program eliminates all of these problems with individualised exercise programs under expert physio supervision.

Are you saying that I won’t need a joint replacement?

We are certainly not saying that no one will need joint replacements!

There are good reasons to have a new joint and the benefits can be huge.

However, the literature is clear that it shouldn’t be the first or second option for treatment of OA of the hip or knee.

Some of the people that go through the GLA:D programme are able to avoid joint replacement, and some are able to delay it significantly.

Importantly, those that do go on to have a new joint are going to do so with much better preparation.

The GLA:D program is ideal for post-operative rehabilitation to get the best result from a new joint replacement.

The physios trained in GLA:D also have an in depth knowledge of the current literature so that you can have a well-informed discussion about all your different treatment options.

What does the program consist of?

The first step is to attend an initial consultation, where we 

  1. determine if the program is suitable for you and if it will be what you need
  2. work out your capabilities so that we can design a program that will be suitable for you 
  3. get some measures of how you are right now so that we can measure the change over the six week period

Once we book in the sessions we will give you a start date and end date of your program, and all your appointments will be made in advance, including the education sessions.

It is a six week program of two group sessions per week.

The research has shown this is the minimum length of time to get the results you are looking for.

In addition, you are encouraged to do home exercises to complement what you are doing in the sessions.

The two education sessions fill you in on the latest in managing your joints and how to approach exercise-related pain.

These are really important sessions, full of useful information and a chance to ask all your questions.

You can read more about the GLA:D program exercises here.

You also get a goodie bag when you join which contains:

What is the cost?

If you are accepted into the program after the initial consultation, the cost is an all-inclusive package which includes all groups, education sessions and a review consultation at the end of the program.

The price is heavily discounted compared to charging for each session individually.

We provide options for payment apart from upfront payment, including fortnightly or weekly installments.

We want to make sure that cost isn’t preventing anyone from doing the program.

Click the button to learn about the GLA:D program costs in detail and all the payment options that we provide.

If you still have questions, check out our Frequently-Asked Questions page, or simply call us on (08) 7282 0871