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Which physiotherapy service do you need?


We have therapists that have special interest in headaches and migraine, low back pain, sports injuries, end-stage rehabilitation for return to sport or return to work to name a few.

Helping people with acute or longstanding low back pain is one of our distinguishing strengths as a practice.

You need the right help and the right advice to navigate this area.

back pain

We provide our patients with the most time-effective and cost-effective treatment with the knowledge that they are getting the highest quality physiotherapy available.

We help Adelaide back pain sufferers using modern back pain research, combining the latest evidence for manual therapy, education, technology and movement.

Lachlan Sutherland Back Pain Adelaide Physiotherapist - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic

Headache and Migraine

Persistent headache and migraine problems are one of the most debilitating problems. Russell has narrowed his practice to provide research-driven solutions for sufferers.

Headaches are commonly mismanaged

Exercise Groups and Classes

Including Pilates, BestBalance, Physio Group Treatment and PhysioStrong – with so many options, we have an exercise group that can be tailored to your needs.

Exercise Groups + Classes


Pilates is an exercise approach that can be used for rehabilitation or simply as a form of exercise.  Our physios provide a programme based on your goals and we measure your progress regularly.

Expert physio supervision in groups - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic

GLA:D program

The GLA:D programme was born from the medical guidelines on the recommended first treatment options for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Don’t consider joint replacement until you find out more about this programme.

GLA:D Program For Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis - Adelaide West Physio + Pilates | Headache Clinic

Online Physio Consults

Safe and effective pain relief is available even if you can’t leave the house, work, or you live remotely. Using a secure and private platform for your peace of mind.

McKenzie Method

The McKenzie method is an international proven system of diagnosis and treatment of painful musculoskeletal problems. Learn how to get rid of pain – FAST!


GaitScan is a tool that assists with solving foot pain and lower limb problems. Find out more about your lower limb function than you previously thought was possible.

Real Time Ultrasound imaging

This allows both you and your therapist to see your core muscles and other muscles in real time. See how your abdominals work to help with diagnosis and re-training.

Young athletes

Children and teenagers are not just mini-adults. Their growing bodies require special knowledge and different approaches to management.

Persistent pain

Persistent pain or chronic pain is a common problem that often produces conflicting opinions and advice. Longstanding pain requires a different management approach and a special skillset and knowledge.

Not sure how to solve your problem?

Simply call us on 8356 1000 and speak with one of our friendly staff. They can organise one of the physios to call you back free of charge.

What you need to know about us

The physiotherapists at Adelaide West Physio and Pilates are carefully handpicked not just for their physiotherapy skills.  

They are also chosen for their people skills and their unswerving passion for helping each person they see!

Each of our current staff of physios is Adelaide-trained, which means they have a solid background in manual ‘hands-on’ treatment.

Our number one priority is the person that we are treating.  You will never be left on a machine while we are treating someone else. At Adelaide West Physio and Pilates, our undivided attention is on you and no one else.

We are not a physio practice that uses electrotherapy machines. In fact we abhor the unnecessary use of electrotherapy by any health professional. Electrotherapy is largely unsupported in the scientific literature except in a few specific applications.

Our physiotherapy continuing education is a priority. You know you are getting the most up-to-date treatments which get you back to what you love faster!  We have one hour continuing education sessions scheduled twice each week.

This amount of continuing education and collaboration sets us apart from other health care practices.

We make sure that you understand
what is going on.

We carefully explain everything during your physiotherapy consultation plus provide you with a written treatment plan that includes:
Fully understanding your problem is the key to helping you the fastest and allowing you to help yourself as much as possible.

Organise A FREE Physio Phone Consult

A FREE Physio Phone Consult allows you to speak with a qualified physio over the phone with no strings attached

Get some FREE ADVICE, find out if physiotherapy can help your problem and give you pain relief, and importantly, find out if we are the right physios for you!

Alternatively, you can organise a free 15 minute assessment in person at the clinic.

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