“We put continuing education as a priority, which means more effective physio treatments for our clients”

Between them, Kirsty and Russell have over 30 years of experience.

As Adelaide-trained physiotherapists, they have a background in manual ‘hands-on’ treatment.

The McKenzie method is their underlying approach, with other treatment techniques learnt over years of physiotherapy continuing education.

Consistent with the philosophy of the McKenzie method, Kirsty and Russell place importance on patient self-management and self-reliance, as more literature suggests that excessive therapist reliance prevents the best outcomes.


Physiotherapy services



Pilates is an exercise approach that can be used for rehabilitation or simply as a form of exercise.  With the reassurance of a physiotherapist teaching and supervising, we offer individualised programmes to suit the abilities of anyone and of any age. Learn more…

Running Service

As a runner herself, Kirsty has developed her passion for running with further training in biomechanics, running analysis and injuries.  Learn more…

Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound can be used to help identify and monitor the abdominal muscles or pelvic floor muscles as they contract, which allows you to see it as it happens.  ​Learn more…​

Headache Clinic

We provide the highest level of service to help those with persistent headache.  As one of only two Certified Watson Headache Practitioners in SA, Russell would love to see if he can help out. Learn more…

McKenzie Method

The McKenzie method is a system of diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems that has a focus on posture and self management. Learn more…

Pain management

Chronic or persistent pain is a common problem, often with conflicting diagnoses and advice.  Evidence suggests that the best approach to management differs from how acute problems have been managed.  Learn more…