Young athletes

We understand that for parents, it can be quite difficult.  Difficult to distinguish if and when your young athlete requires help with their injury. It can also be hard to interpret their complaints of pain.

Injuries in young athletes should not be trivialised.  

A delay in assessment or treatment can lead to slower injury healing and a delayed return to sport.  

It can be the difference between an injury that is easy to treat and recovers rapidly and an injury that is more severe or persistent.

Kids and adolescents aren’t just mini-adults.

Kids and adolescents have different problems that don’t happen in adults.

There are different factors involved with these ages , like growth, maturity and hormonal factors that need to be taken into account.  These  make treating your young athlete different to working with adults.

An accurate diagnosis is vital for young athletes!

It is important that the diagnosis is accurate.  A quick Google search and home diagnosis isn’t good enough.

Your physiotherapist will thoroughly assess your child’s injury.  

They will want to find out about how their injury started, and if there were any specific injuring events.  

They will perform a full clinical examination.

Your child’s age, gender, the description of their injury and their daily physical loads are all important factors in accurately diagnosing their injury.

Sometimes an X-ray or MRI may be suggested if there is concern with a certain area.

Your Physiotherapist will determine if this is necessary through a systematic process and examination.

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