Online Physio Consultations

Online physio consult

YES, you can get effective pain relief from online physio!

  • Are you in pain but not able to leave the house?
  • Unwell with cold or flu symptoms?
  • Waiting on COVID test results or waiting out a quarantine period? 
  • Not vaccinated and your physio clinic not accepting unvaccinated patients?

Online physio might be for you!

Online physio is a solution that you can access anywhere. Even if you can’t leave the house. 

You can connect with a physio by video consult and still speak with them ‘face-to-face’.

Let them diagnose your problem by getting important information from you by careful questioning, and work together to perform the physical examination.

Once a diagnosis is made, your online physio will provide a structured plan to address your problem.

Exercises can be delivered ‘in person’ on the video consultation, and with the help of online tools.

Often the term ‘telehealth’ is used, but we find it a bit ambiguous. Does it mean on the phone? Or a video consultation?

To read more about what is Telehealth, and what is covered and what isn’t with private health insurance and other payment methods, click here.

But does online physio work?

The research says YES for a variety of problems.

Online physio treatment can actually provide better outcomes in some cases.

But it does depend on two things: the experience and the communication skills of the physio.

That’s where Adelaide West Physio + Pilates stands out – we have physios that are experienced, knowledgeable and excellent communicators.

Their passion for helping is immediately evident when you speak to them.

Is online physio safe?

Once again, the research says it is.

Diagnosis is just as good for a skilled online physio.

One of the important jobs that a physio does is screening for sinister pathology that needs medical assessment or different treatment.

This can be done just as effectively using this video consultation.

And once again, it does depend on the experience and communication skills of the physio.

Can all problems be treated online?

Most ‘musculoskeletal’ problems are appropriate for online treatment.

This includes back pain, neck pain, headaches and much more.

There are some conditions that are not suitable or not effective – so how will you know?

The best way to find out is by speaking with one of our physios FREE OF CHARGE to determine if your problem is going to be suitable.

What next?

If you are ready to book an initial consultation appointment, just click the button below to book online.

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