gla:d program cost

We want to make the GLA:D program as accessible for as many people as possible.

We recognise that the cost is an issue for some people more than others. 

In a recent research article published by GLA:D Australia, the main barrier to doing the program was the GLA:D program cost.

To help, we provide some different GLA:D payment options so that no one is unable to do the programme because of cost.

The first step is doing an initial GLA:D assessment with one of our GLA:D-trained physios.

This will determine if the GLA:D program is appropriate for you.

The initial GLA:D assessment is also to work out your personal goals and find out where you are right now with your pain, function and strength.

This allows us to measure the changes that happen by the end of the program.

If you aren’t sure whether you should do an initial GLA:D assessment, call us on 8356 1000 and organise to have a free chat with one of our physios.

Our GLA:D Program

Our program includes 6 weeks of 2 x one hour exercise sessions per week.

These are all mentored and supervised by GLA:D-trained physios.

There are 2 x one hour education sessions that are a super-charged version of the GLA:D education sessions with lots of opportunities to ask questions.

At the completion of the 6 weeks, there is a follow-up one on one consult.

At 12 weeks, there is also a follow-up consult in which you also repeat the initial measures from the initial assessment.

You get to see the amount of change you have made in pain, function and strength!


The 6 week follow up consult is a major difference to other GLA:D providers in Adelaide.

We have added this consult to the regular GLA:D scheduling.

Instead of waiting for the 12 week follow-up, we have seen that it is critical at the end of the 6 week program to discuss and formulate a plan for what you will do afterwards.

It’s about not only maintaining the improvements but building on them.

We really want you to get the best results from your time investment and financial investment!


So How Much Does The GLA:D Program Cost?

Our GLA:D program is $649.

We know this is actually really good value.

Why Is This Such Good Value?

If doing GLA:D allows you to avoid surgery, it also means avoiding the post-operative pain of surgery, the medications, and the risks of surgery.

Why Do GLA:D At Adelaide West Physio?

There are a number of really good reasons:

We make sure that everyone get the best results possible!

If you return to do the GLA:D program again, we offer a generous saving!

You might think ‘why would I want to do it again?’ 

We have had quite a number of people do the programme twice, three times and even four times.

Some have found that the first time around gives the start they are looking for. 

But they still know they need the accountability that the programme provides.

Some really like the personal guidance

Some like the group atmosphere and the continued learning about their joints and their pain.

We provide the big discount of $100 as an incentive because we find that repeating the program improves people’s outcomes with pain, stiffness and quality of life.

You also get a goodie bag when you join which contains:


OPTION 1: upfront payment

OPTION 2: 3 x fortnightly installments, paid in-person at the beginning of each fortnight

OPTION 3: 6 x weekly installments, paid in person at the first session of each week

If none of these work for you, we would like to find a way to make it possible rather than you miss out on the benefits of this fabulous program.

Speak with our lovely admin staff on 8356 1000 to discuss how we can make it possible for you to participate. 

We have a FAQ page that has all the relevant insurance codes so you can check with your private insurance provider, and much more


GaitScan is a tool that assists with solving foot pain and lower limb problems. Find out more about your lower limb function than you previously thought was possible.

Real Time Ultrasound imaging

This allows both you and your therapist to see your core muscles and other muscles in real time. See how your abdominals work to help with diagnosis and re-training.

Young athletes

Children and teenagers are not just mini-adults. Their growing bodies require special knowledge and different approaches to management.

As you can see, we really don’t want price to stop anyone from accessing the GLA:D program!

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Get some FREE ADVICE, find out if physiotherapy can help your problem and give you pain relief, and importantly, find out if we are the right physios for you!

Alternatively, you can organise a free 15 minute assessment in person at the clinic.

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