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PhysioStrong is small group training developed, conducted and supervised by a physiotherapist

Does this sound like you?

  1. Are you looking to kickstart a good habit of exercise for life, but not sure how to go about it?
  2. Are you someone who is nervous about going to a commercial gym or doing small group training?
  3. Do you know that you need to exercise more, but you need either supervision, accountability or both?
  4. Do you have an injury or health condition which makes you unsure of the best exercise, and who is best to guide you?

If any of these describe you, PhysioStrong is just what you have been looking for!

What will PhysioStrong do for you?

PhysioStrong will help you to become stronger, fitter and more resilient to injury and illness.

It will give you confidence to exercise safely without the fear of injury or reinjury.

The small group training provides the accountability and the encouragement that you might need, but in a fun environment.

It will help to rehabilitate from an injury or regain previous fitness.

A PhysioStrong group with Nicole

How does it work?

The PhysioStrong sessions are small group training sessions. They run with 4 participants only per group so that you get maximum value and supervision.

The sessions are supervised and run by a physiotherapist – they are fun and as challenging as you want them to be.

Your programme may consist of strengthening, aerobic fitness, and stretching – is all depends on what you wish to achieve!

There is no minimum period – you can stop whenever you want.

What does a typical PhysioStrong session look like?

PhysioStrong sessions focus on cardiovascular fitness, resistance-based training and overall flexibility.

The intensity and the type of exercises will be tailored to suit your needs and goals!

The 45 minute sessions involve a combination of functional upper and lower body plus core exercises.

These exercises may be performed using your body weight or another form of resistance such as dumb bells, kettle bells, resistance bands, exercise balls, pilates equipment and more.

The exercises are modified to suit the individual and their needs.

The format of the sessions often varies, but can be circuit-based or involve performing a certain number of sets/repetitions of different exercises. It’s much like a personal training session except in a small group training environment.

Every session is always different, challenging and fun!

Throughout the session you are guided and supervised closely by the Physiotherapist.

They will ensure that you are performing the exercise safely and with the correct technique, and that you are achieving the intended aim of the exercise.

The first step

The first step is to have an initial session with the physio to work our your needs and goals and develop your programme together.

This is a 45 minute session to gather information, work out your goals that are achievable and make sure there is purpose and incentive for you to keep going!

One important part of this session is to identify any existing injuries or anything else that needs to be addressed or we need to be aware of.

These sessions may be claimable under your private health insurance.

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