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BestBalance classes

  • Is balance a worry for you?
  • Have you noticed yourself being a little less sure of yourself on your feet?
  • Have you had a fall recently?
  • Do you have vision problems?
  • Are you diabetic, or do you have problems with the feeling in your feet?

If any of these ring a bell, you are not alone!

Two facts:

1 – Falls are common in people aged 65 years or over

2 – Falls are the main cause of injury in this age group 

However, falls are not a normal part of ageing.

You don’t have to accept poor balance.

Your balance is a critical skill. It becomes even more critical as you get older, as it has been shown that it naturally reduces with age if you do nothing about it.

Why? Maybe from reduced activity, sedentary lifestyles, taking less risks, climbing less trees, less exercise, maybe a combination.


In our opinion, balance is a skill that everyone should work on and sharpen up!

Poor balance and falls can have serious consequences including muscle strains, joint strains dislocations and fractures. 

These can result in pain, frustration, even hospital time and ultimately a loss of independence.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that balance can always be improved!

Balance challenge on blue mat to reduce chance of falls or balance problems

It is all about the right kind of practice and enough of it.  You really have the power to improve your balance and prevent falls!

Falls can be life-changing – the goal is not to wait to find that out!

Your balance can be improved with specific exercises and practice.

This is where the BestBalance classes come in.

In the BestBalance classes:

  • learn the best exercises to improve your balance
  • learn how to do them safely
  • practice them in a small group together
  • learn which exercises to do at home and get a practice sheet of these exercises
  • stay motivated and accountable to make sure that you continue to improve

Lisa is guaranteed to make it a fun experience!

There is no obligation to be involved for any period of time.

There is no doubt that the best results will be from continuing to practice the exercises regularly.

If you have the motivation and self discipline to continue them daily, that is great! 

However, not everyone has that kind of self-discipline, so we expect most people will benefit by being involved regularly to help keep motivation and momentum.

If you are interested in improving your balance and reducing your risk of falls get in touch with us and reserve your spot! 

CALL US ON 8356 1000 to find out more!