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Free Physio Phone Consult

If you need some professional advice about your problem, why not have a chat with one of our physios?

It is easy to organise a call!

  • Call 8356 1000
  • Book a phone appointment online – choose ‘Physiotherapy’ then the ‘Free Physio Phone Consult’ option
  • Speak with us using Facebook Messenger
  • Send us an email

A Free Physio Phone Consult* allows you to pick our brains over the phone with no strings attached.

 In pain but not sure what you should be doing? Call us today!

Obviously, there are limitations to the advice that we can give over the phone without assessing your problem in person.

However, there are many pieces of advice or guidance that can be safely provided.

It is also possible to say whether further in-person assessment would be worthwhile, or whether you need to go down a different route.

If we think that your problems deserves further medical assessment, we might suggest you speak to your local GP.

Alternatively, we might suggest that you have your problem assessed by a physio if that sounds like the best course of action. There is no obligation for that to be with us.

*This offer applies to residents of Adelaide or surrounding areas only.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to sustain this service for people outside of this area.

Free In-Person Physio Advice Consult

The Free Physio Phone Consult is great for convenience, but to look at your problem in person is vastly superior!

If you are able to attend the clinic for a Free In-Person Physio Advice Consult, you will be able to get more specific advice.

What is a ‘Free In-Person Physio Advice Consult’?

Please note: this isn’t designed to be a full 45 minute physio assessment session.

This is a consultation where we can get a good first impression of your problem and get some specifics that would help us to give you an idea of possible diagnosis of your problem.

It gives you a chance to be able to pick our brains, and also to give you an idea of your next best step, whether that is further physio assessment, GP assessment or another path.

We will be able to provide you with a more accurate impression of what you need to do to solve your problem.

You may even get some tips or stretches to work on immediately.

Once again, attending one of these appointments doesn’t mean that you are obligated to return to us.

However, if you have a problem that is going to be helped by physiotherapy, we think that once you meet our team and you see how we operate, there is a fair chance that you will choose us to help you out!

To organise a Free In-Person Physio Advice Consult:

  • Call 8356 1000
  • Book a phone appointment online – choose ‘Physiotherapy’ then the ‘Free In-Person Physio Advice Consult’ option
  • Speak with us using Facebook Messenger
  • Send us an email

Then all you have to do is attend your appointment time at our Fulham clinic.