Remedial Massage Therapy

Proximal hamstring tendinopathy is different to acute hamstring strain

If you want relief from aches and pains, remedial massage therapy is for you!

Does this describe you?

  1. You have tightness and pain in your neck or back that you feel like you can’t shake off?
  2. You are always feeling extra muscle tension and unable to relax?
  3. Your body is tired and sore by the end of the week, making you grumpy and irritable?
  4. You feel like you are only just coping with life’s stresses, and wish you had some ‘me’ time?
  5. You are an athlete with a big event coming up and you want to perform at your absolute best?
  6. You wake up feeling sore and wish you could have a great night’s sleep?
  7. You struggle with anxiety or feeling low?
  8. You have problems with arm or leg swelling?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these, you would benefit from massage therapy with a Remedial Massage Therapist at Adelaide West Physio and Pilates

Call us on 8356 1000 or click on the ‘Online Bookings’ button at the top of the page to organise a time with our massage therapist, Matthew Robinson.

You can read more about Matthew Robinson here.

If you are looking for a great gift for a birthday or you want to just say ‘thankyou’, massage vouchers are always appreciated.  Just call us or ask at reception to organise one.

Massage can be a lovely “treat” and a way to spoil yourself or someone else with relaxation.

This is only just the beginning!

There are many benefits to massage therapy and it can be a valuable addition into a regular health, wellbeing or training program for everyone.

Massage is much more than a luxury.

Massage at regular intervals is an excellent investment in your physical and mental health.

We have extended hours to make finding times easier, including evenings and Saturday mornings.

We are accredited to treat patients covered by Compulsory Third Party (Motor Vehicle accident) and Return To Work SA clients (previously known as WorkCover).

Our massage therapists are registered with all major health funds, you may be eligible for a rebate from your health insurance – contact your health insurance provider to find out more.

Our Remedial Massage Therapists work closely with our Physiotherapists to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Ring us on 8356 1000 or click ‘Online bookings’ at the top of the page and make an appointment – feel the difference that massage can make today!

Not sure if you need physio or massage therapy?

Organise A FREE Physio Phone Consult

A FREE 15 Minute Phone Consult allows you to speak with a qualified physio over the phone with no strings attached.

Get some FREE ADVICE, find out if physio can help your problem and give you pain relief, and importantly, find out if we are the right physios for you!

Alternatively, you can organise a free 15 minute assessment in person our Adelaide physio clinic.

To organise a phone call with a physio:

Option one: Click here or on the ‘Online Bookings’ button at the top of the page, then choose the ‘Free 15 minute phone call consult’ option and find a time that suits you.

Option two:  Call us on ☎️ 8356 1000 and organise a time for a callback from one of our physios for a discussion with you about your problem and options for pain relief.

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[NB: this is only applicable to Adelaide residents]