Pilates, Physio and Physio Group Treatment FAQs

For questions relating to the Private Health Insurance reforms, click here

Can I just do Pilates and not worry about all the other stuff?

The process is the same regardless of whether you come with the intention of just doing Pilates, or whether you are undertaking the physio group treatment programme. That is, you still need to do an initial assessment and individual sessions with the physio.

Please note that if your intention is to solely do Pilates, you will not be able to claim rebates from your Private Health Insurance from April 2019 due to the reforms made by the federal government.

Is Pilates going to be part of my programme?

Any decision about which exercises are in your programme will be made together with your physiotherapist based on what is going to serve you best to help you reach your goals.

Your programme may consist of exercises with a Pilates flavour, and on Pilates equipment if that is clinically indicated.

Why do I need one-on-one sessions?

The one-on-one sessions allow you and your physio to formulate your programme. There isn’t a set list that you are going to follow – it is going to be individualised for you. 

The individual sessions give you the chance to practice and finetune this programme that you know what you are doing before you enter the treatment groups.

We need to make sure that you are safe, and that you are aware of how to do your programme correctly, so that you get the greatest benefit from what you are doing.

Why don’t I go to a gym and do Pilates there?

If you are looking for a generic programme of Pilates exercise that is for a larger group of people, a gym class may well be fine.

However, we provide a service that goes beyond that with individualised programmes in small groups and supervised by a physio. This means closer supervision and a programme of exercises that is just for you. It also is not constrained by the concept of Pilates, so while some of the exercises may be similar or influenced by Pilates ideas, they are applied by a physio using clinical reasoning, and there are exercises that go beyond Pilates in the world of current injury management principles. 

I used to be able to go to a physio and do Pilates – what has changed?

This page will explain the reason why. In short, the federal government ammended what can and can’t be included in Private Health Insurance rebates.

Do I have to talk in the groups? I just want to come in and exercise and go.

No, you don’t have to talk, but you will find that they are pretty relaxed and, depending on the group, it can be quite social. The social aspect can be therapeutic in itself!

We do not discourage talking (as long as the focus is still on the task at hand!).