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We are a bit different

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There are a few things that separate us apart from the average physio clinic.


  1. We aren’t part of a franchise – we don’t dance to the tune of a head office.  If you or one of our staff suggests an improvement to our practice, we can just do it!

  2. We value our continuing education very highly – we each do external courses throughout the year.

    Plus we have two sessions of one hour of continuing education each week for all our therapists – two hours each week to improve the outcomes for our customers and clients.

  3. You should feel really welcome to give feedback – good or bad, feedback is the only way that we know how we are doing as a clinic.

  4. Some of our services are quite special – our Headache Clinic, our McKenzie Method focus, our knowledge and passion for pain biology and novel approaches to persistent pain, our BestBalance classes and our PhysioStrong groups. If any of these are interesting to you, be sure to ask for more information from our staff.

  5. You can be sure that we are using the best evidence to back up our treatment methods – you won’t find us using outdated concepts, unnecessary or ineffective electrotherapy, or any ‘pseudoscience’ like many unfortunately do in the health space.

  6. We take the time – our appointments are purposely scheduled to give you the time that you need to explain your problem and so that we can really listen. You won’t feel bundled out of the door with a bunch of unanswered questions.

  7. We stay in touch to make sure that you have got the outcome that you were looking for – it is simply good customer service to follow up with you and make sure that everything is going well following treatment.

If these kind of values match yours, why not give us a call and have a chat with us about your problem.

You can speak with one of the physios just to see if we can help you out – there is no cost for this and no obligation attached to it.  

Either call us on 8356 1000 or click on ‘Online Bookings’ at the top of this page.

Navigate to the ‘Free 15 minute preassessment’ or ‘Free 15 minute phone consultation’ and book in now!