Persistent Pain: 11 Key Nuggets

Here are some key messages about persistent pain to remember.

This page is a great reminder of some of the fundamentals about persistent pain that are good to be reminded about after having gone through our pain education course.

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Write these messages down, put them on the fridge, even write them on the mirror – read them everyday!

If you have had ‘red flag’ conditions and other health conditions ruled out, you have to remind your brain in many different ways that it is all OK. 

  1. Pain is complex – it is so much more than just tissue injury = pain.
  2. Pain is multidimensional – it is influenced by number of things, and the systems that get involved include the immune system, the respiratory system, the muscular system as well as the pain production system.
  3. There is no straight line to recovery. You will have flare ups. If you follow a plan, as time goes on they will become smaller and further apart.
  4. Your brain is trying to protect you – pain is a key part of your protection systems.
  5. Pain does not always equal tissue damage – they can be proportional but sometimes they are not, and even less proportional with persistent pain.
  6. You may be sore but you are safe. You have the GREEN LIGHT to move!
  7. Exercise will improve your quality of life and is important to your recovery. 
  8. Thoughts can affect your pain! Stress management is a vital part of this process too. 
  9. Diet plays a big role too (we haven’t even discussed this but please nurture your body with good food. Lots of green leafy veggies are a good start.)
  10. Time is a factor! We are often impatient. This process may take months or even years of work. 
  11. It takes bravery and persistence to beat persistent pain – you have to be more persistent than your pain!

You will need to continue educating yourself over this time.

Your brain will need to be reminded as it has an amazing ability to produce pain that overrules this education. So keep reminding your brain that it’s OK. 

Sleep well, eat well and exercise. 

Easy, hey!