New cancellation policy

Any of you that have been with us for a while would know that we have had a few iterations of our cancellation / non-attendance policy.

In fact, we had one iteration earlier this year that we rolled out, with the comment ‘it’s probably not perfect, chances are there will still be improvements’.

Well, guess what? We have come up with some improvements.

Our aim has always been a policy that is fair to all – both patients and therapists.

The vast majority of our clientele do the right thing (or really try to do the right thing) and that is brilliant. 

The main aim has never been for it to be punitive. In the event that someone can’t attend an appointment, we just want to be able to offer someone else the chance to use that appointment or group time that has been reserved for them.

In fact, we don’t really want to charge anyone for sessions that they don’t attend! It is really the last thing we want! 

Despite that, we do need to have a policy that is fair and enforced. We have made the mistake in the past of being ‘easy’, and it doesn’t work. There need to be clear boundaries.

So the guts of our policy is this:

  • We ask for 24 hours notice if you can’t make an appointment.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours or don’t arrive for your appointment or group time, you need to pay for the session time that was reserved for you with the physio.

    That is the case whether it is Pilates or physio treatment.

We recognise that things happen in life which make it hard or impossible to give 24 hours notice, like sickness or medical emergencies, so we hope that this option will make the system easier for all (including Jacqui and Brooke and Tobey, who are at the frontline!)

So we also offer you an alternative which we hope will make sense.

  • If you are able to rebook within the next couple of days, there will be no penalty.

When you are in the clinic next, you’ll get a flyer with the details of our new updated policy.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or message us at, or discuss when you are in next.

We know that there will be situations that arise that we haven’t considered, as hard as we have tried to be thorough, so ask away!