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Assessment and treatment

What does the process involve?  


  • The first appointment is 60 minutes to allow time to get the important information about your headache story, to do the required safety checks and perform the examination and treatment.


  • Safety is first priority, safety tests like ligament testing are done first – all of these are gentle and painfree.


  • The examination is able to remove guesswork as to whether the neck is involved, and if so, which levels of the neck.


  • The specific joints that are involved in the headaches are identified.


  • If the same area of pain of your headache can be temporarily reproduced and it eases quickly as we hold the pressure on that joint, it confirms that joint is relevant to the headaches.


  • The temporary reproduction of the same pain as your headache will not produce or bring on a headache, the pain goes immediately when the pressure is taken off the joint.


  • The aim is to get to self management asap to help you manage and prevent the headaches yourself.



How long is the assessment?


The initial assessment, treatment and explanation is 60 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are 30 minutes.



How will I know if it is going to help?


We are looking for a definite change in some aspect of your headache behaviour.


This may happen after the first session, sometime it can take 2 or 3 to see a definite change.


It doesn’t mean a ‘cure’ in this time, but we are looking for a definite sign of improvement.


If there is no definite change within 4-5 sessions, we know that this method is unlikely to help you – the aim is to not waste your time and money.


However, there are other approaches that we can take, which are more likely to be an exercise approach that is evidence-based.



How often will I have to come?


To get the best out of the treatment, our experience has been that the sessions shouldn’t be too far apart intially, so twice a week for two weeks after the initial session.


You may not need all of these sessions, or you may need a few more over a longer period, it depends on the individual circumstances.


Typically, 4-5 sessions are required.