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Anti-Spam Policy

Adelaide West Physio and Pilates and Adelaide West Headache Clinic is completely opposed to spam. We object to it on every level. We receive enough of it ourselves!

We provide a free email newsletter to our patients and anyone else who signs up to receive the newsletter.

We also provide free email updates regarding products and services and offers that we provide.

We also use email as a way of communicating with our patients to assist with their problem and check in on their progress if that is the easiest form of communication for them.

At any time, anyone can unsubscribe – there are clear instructions on each email newsletter about how to do this via an unsubscribe link. Alternatively, we can be contacted using other media to request unsubscription.

Adelaide West does not and will never share or sell its email list to third parties. We would never be able to sleep at night.

If you have any queries about our email policy, please email us at or call us on 8356 1000.