Running Service

Our physiotherapists provide a running service for assessment and injury management which can help you reach your running goals.

Our running service was started by Kirsty Prior a number of years ago.  As a running enthusiast herself, Kirsty has done further training in running analysis and biomechanics.

She understands the importance of the correct choice of footwear, and can give you specific advice on what is best for you.

Kirsty can help with advice and a plan on correct conditioning to allow you to increase your running distance without injuring yourself.

Her assessment includes a thorough musculoskeletal assessment to help identify:

  • any restrictions in movement
  • any reduced muscular endurance or strength that is relevant
  • any technique errors


Is a running assessment appropriate for me?

The running assessment is suitable for:

  • Runners of any level – the beginner, social runner or elite runner
  • Anyone who wants to make the transition from walking to running, or from social running to more serious running
  • Anyone with persistent niggles or injuries
  • Anyone who wants to prevent injury
  • Anyone looking to improve an aspect of their running, for example efficiency, speed or performance

 What does the assessment process involve?

  • A detailed musculoskeletal assessment assessing flexibility, strength and movement patterns
  • Treadmill running assessment and video analysis
  • Recommendations to optimise running form and training based on the detailed assessment
  • Specific exercises to address any problems that are identified

What would you need to bring?

  • Wear your usual running clothes and footwear.
  • Bring all your shoes that you use e.g. training, racing, trail shoes.