Permanent Pilates Group Bookings

Pilates Permanent Group Booking Changes 2018

NEW 8/2/18 – we have made two additions to the terms in response to feedback from patients.

We are trying hard to make this system as fair as we can!

We know that people take holidays / have surgery etc, and we also know that some people like to pay as they go so they can get their rebate at the time.

From Feb 1 2018 we are changing the way in which you can keep a permanent ongoing spot in a Pilates group.

The permanent booking system is great in many respects, but the problem is that on paper we are completely full, and in reality on the day, that often isn’t the case.

This creates a big problem for the people without permanent spots – they are trying to find a group time when there is nowhere to go because we are full on paper.  It is particularly a problem for the front desk staff who are trying to help them!

It has meant that at times, we have had to limit taking on new Pilates clients.

We have decided that in order to hold a permanent spot in a particular group, you need to make a commitment to that time that is reserved for you.

Hopefully that will allow better access for more people, and an easier time for the reception staff and you too! 

We have found that the participants in PhysioStrong have appreciated it too, because it means that they don’t have to stop at the counter every time they come in to do a class.

There are two ways to have a permanent spot in a group:

  1. You can have a direct debit arrangement
  2. Pre-paying in some form, easiest done in blocks of 5 or 10
  3. NEW – you can continue to pay as you go once you sign an agreement to say that you understand that if you miss a permanent group spot, that you will still pay for that group appointment, and you will get a ‘catchup session’ voucher to use as per the terms below

If you can’t or don’t wish to do either of those, that is absolutely fine and we understand that.

In that case, you will need to book week by week and we can’t guarantee that the time that you are looking for will be available.


How does the Direct debit work?

  1. fill in form with BSB and account details or credit card number, and we take care of the rest
  2. an amount will be taken out of your account on Wednesdays to keep you in credit
  3. the amount taken out will depend on how many sessions you want to commit to each week
  4. you can cancel at any time with two weeks notice so that the arrangement can be cancelled with the bank.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

  • You will be charged for that session by either your direct debit or by the credit in your account
  • However, you will receive a ‘catchup session’ slip that you can use to make up for the session missed.
  • The session must be a different one than your regular session, which you will be attending anyway.
  • We will do our best to help you use that voucher by letting you know if someone has cancelled their spot on a particular day.
  • We have trialled this system with the PhysioStrong groups to make sure that this system works first.

What about if I am having surgery or going away for 6 weeks on holidays?

  • you have a choice – you can stop the direct debit / not use the credit on your account or you can continue and get ‘catchup session’ vouchers
  • if you choose to do temporarily stop the arrangements, we can’t guarantee that you will get that place back, that is a risk that you would take
  • NEW – if you give us two weeks’ notice that you are going away or unable to attend your regular spot in the group, we will hold your permanent spot for you. 

We hope that these changes make sense, and that everyone can understand the reasons for putting them in place.

In the end, along with our cancellation policy, our intention is to make the groups as accessible for as many people as possible.

If you do have any questions, please call us on 8356 1000 and speak with one of our friendly staff.