Why come to us?

Can you remember a time in your life when you didn’t have headaches or migraines?


Can you imagine what it would be like to be free of them again?


Do you want to feel healthier, less grumpy, more productive, and mentally sharper?


If you are like many headache and migraine sufferers, your problem might be long-standing and complex.

You can feel confident that we will get the full picture – we allow a full hour for an initial consultation to allow the time to discuss your headache problem, and to complete the safety assessment of your neck before we begin treatment.

Veterbral arteries should be checked before headache treatment.

Clinical testing for vertebral artery flow is done routinely before cervical headache assessment or treatment.

At last count, there were less than 15 people in Australia who have completed the invitation-only intensive Certification training to become a Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner.

There are therapists in Adelaide that say that the use the ‘Watson Approach’ but may or may not have been trained by Dean Watson.

Russell is the only practicing physiotherapist in Adelaide that has done the Certification programme.

This means that you can feel secure in the knowledge that the treatment that you get is going to be of the highest quality and geared for getting the best result for you.


Feel reassured that safety is the number one priority.

  • we routinely and safely test the ligaments of the upper neck
  • we routinely check for any clinically detectable blood flow compromise that would make treatment dangerous
  • there is no joint ‘cracking’, therefore avoiding the risk of neck manipulation

Know exactly what is contributing to your headache.

  • using slow, sustained pressure, we can individually test the joints of the upper neck to find which ones are capable of contributing to your headache
  • you can know if you neck is involved without guesswork – if the same area of your headache pain is able to be reproduced by testing your neck, and it lessens as that testing is sustained, then it strongly suggests that your neck is relevant and may well be the missing factor that is responsible for your headaches

You can be confident that the treatment will be effective.

  • after an accurate assessment of your neck, we can give you a guide about your likely outcomes including length of treatment
  • generally, you will see some definite change in some respect of your headaches within five treatment sessions at the most
  • the methods that we use have been used to help many thousands of patients over the years of Dean Watson’s experience, and are highly evolved

Feel empowered and take control of your headaches.

  • often there are exercises that can be done to complement, sustain and build on the effect of the treatment
  • posture changes are often an important part of this process, because your neck and head posture can be the most important part of contributing to your headaches

If you or someone you know is suffering from ongoing headaches or migraines, please contact us at Adelaide West Headache Clinic to speak to one of our friendly staff who can answer your questions.