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We are the people who solve headache and migraine problems.

Have headaches taken over your life?

Do any of these describe you?

  • your headaches or migraines stop you from enjoying yourself and intrude on your everyday life
  • you lose precious time with family as a result of your headaches or migraines?
  • you have to avoid certain things that you enjoy, like sun, wine, chocolate or cheese?
  • you have seen specialists who have made a diagnosis, but there is no lasting solution?
  • you have had investigations like MRI that have shown no identifiable cause for your problem?
  • you have had physio or chiro treatment that has helped a bit but the benefit hasn’t lasted, or it hasn’t helped at all?
  • you are less effective at work due to regular headaches or migraines or the side effects of medication
  • you find it hard to think, be effective, or multitask like you normally do during or after a headache or migraine?
  • you feel helpless and resigned to having ongoing headaches or migraines

If you have tried other treatments and they haven’t given lasting help, there is another option.

Don’t put up with your headaches/migraines any longer!


The number one thing that tells you that your neck is causing your headaches (and it isn’t neck pain) – read about it here.


Why come to us for help with your headache/migraine problem?

  • it can be determined quickly if you are likely to respond or not, which saves you time and money
  • you can feel reassured that your safety is our absolute priority – safety tests and careful questioning identify any situations that need further investigation.  There is no ‘cracking’/manipulation.
  • by taking away the guesswork about which joints are involved in the headaches, you can be confident about the treatment that is being given
  • you can get control back over your headaches – once we are ‘on top of it’, the aim will be for you to learn ways to keep the headaches away, so you won’t have to keep coming back all the time
  • think of how much you can save on medication and time away from work or family!

Did you know that the upper neck can be involved in many different types of headaches?

  • menstrual migraine,
  • silent migraine
  • migraines triggered by smells, foods and drinks
  • tension-type headache
  • cluster headache
  • hemicrania continua
  • chronic paroxsymal hemicrania

Click here to learn more about why the neck can be involved in such a variety of headache types.

If you or someone you know is suffering from ongoing headaches or migraines, please contact us at Adelaide West Headache Clinic on 8356 1000 to speak to one of our friendly staff who can answer your questions about what we can do to help.


Why come to Adelaide West Headache Clinic?

At last count, there are less than 15 people Australia-wide who have trained under Dean Watson to become Watson Headache® Certified Practitioners.  Russell is the only Certified Practitioner in Adelaide.

If you feel like your life is being run by your headaches, you are the kind of person that he would love to help!   Click here to learn more about why you might choose to come to us…


What is the Watson Headache® Approach?

Regardless of the type of your headache, the Watson Headache® Approach is effective, including migraine of all types.



  • Feel reassured that your safety is the number one priority – safety tests like ligament testing are done first plus careful questioning to look for any other reasons for your headaches/migraines.
  • Have confidence that it will be determined quickly if you are likely to respond or not.
  • Know exactly what is giving you a headache/migraine – remove guesswork because the specific joints that are involved in the headaches are identified.
  • You won’t have to keep coming back all the time – once we are ‘on top of it’ the aim will be for you to learn the ways to maintain yourself, so you feel in control of the situation without need to to rely on therapists.
  • Think of how much you can save in medication and time off work!

Click here to learn more about what the assessment and treatment involves.